North Carolina Tennis Foundation Grants

Saunders-Langford Endowment

It is with great pleasure that we announce the creation of The Saunders-Langford Endowment. This new NC Tennis Foundation endowment will provide juniors the opportunity to experience tournament tennis and reap the benefits of competing and developing lifelong relationships.

Saunders-Langford Junior Development Grant

Any NC junior who has competed in a minimum of three tournaments over the last 12 months is eligible to apply and potentially receive a grant from this endowment. All juniors wishing to be considered for this endowment will be asked to submit a plan to play a minimum of three additional tournaments over the subsequent 12 months. All applicants must have already obtained a current NC standing, but there is no restriction on ranking. Players must be in need of financial assistance, with a family income less than $99,000 per year for one child and $120,000 for more than one child playing USTA sanctioned events. All applicants must demonstrate excellent sportsmanship. Any junior player will be ineligible if ANY suspension points have been accrued over the last 12 months. An emphasis will be given to junior players in towns under 100,000 in population according to the US Census.

Grant Deadline- Check back in the Summer of 2018.

Emily H. Preyer Family Endowment Fund

Concluding in 2006, the NC Tennis Foundation completed a capital campaign raising over $1.7 million. A portion of that money went to help create a new NC Tennis Hall of Fame which opened at the Harold T. and Mildred F. Southern North Carolina Tennis Center in 2008.

A main focus of the campaign was to create the NC Tennis Foundation Emily H. Preyer Family Endowment Fund. At this time, the NC Tennis Foundation is prepared to begin offering grants from the endowment or gift fund. (Endowment/Gift Fund Policies)

Category I

Junior Tournament Development Scholarships
Grant Deadline- Check back in the Spring of 2018
Total Available: $4,000

This grant is for developmental scholarships which provide lower income and middle class families money to supplement travel and playing expenses. This grant shall go towards tournament expenses and travel for a player who exhibits the intent for a state ranking or higher. A family income must not exceed $99,000 in order to be eligible for this grant.

Category II

New Programs, Outreach and Inclusion & Adaptive Programming
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Total Available: $3,000
This grant is intended for new and/or pilot programs in the areas of Outreach & Inclusive programs and adaptive programs (such as Special Olympics, Wheelchair, and Special Pops) that need further funding to grow and mature. The programs do not need to be USTA programs, but should be used to promote and develop tennis.

Category III

Summer College Tennis Camp Scholarships

Deadline- All Scholarships have been distributed for 2017, check back in the spring of 2018
Total Available: $2,500
North Carolina is fortunate to have quite a few summer tennis camps. The cost can be quite steep, but the rewards and experience are priceless. This category would help in granting camp scholarship to qualifying players. Due to new NCAA regulations there will be age restrictions on these recipients. 

Mary Lloyd Barbera Camp Scholarship
Deadline- All Scholarships have been distributed for 2017, check back in the spring of 2018
In April of 2015, tennis lost a great person, advocate and ambassador. Mary Lloyd Barbera's life was cut short, but her spirit and legacy live on. Mary Lloyd was the Director of Marketing for USTA North Carolina. One of her many tasks was to administer USTA North Carolina's Camp Scholarship program which differs slightly from the NCTF program. In an effort to honor Mary Lloyd's memory, the NC Tennis Foundation and USTA North Carolina are creating a hybrid of the two programs. The NCTF's program is based on family need and USTA North Carolina's program is based on merit. 

Beginning this year, the NCTF will make available two full camp scholarships based on family's income of $99,000 or less and the applicants' merit for this scholarship. "Merit" will be described in the application above.